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Here are the rules for PSRF. I have also included the .doc file for you to download, it's in MS Word™ format (if you need it in any other format, please let me know. Please print it and give it to those that will be participating in your group. It's important that those that are participating in the festival this year read and abide by these rules. Thanks!

You can also download the application!! Click here to download it. it's also an MS Word™ document.

Pittsburg’s Scottish Renaissance Festival

Rules of Operation

•No controlled substance is allowed on the site. Anyone with such substances in their possession will be handed over to the proper authorities.
• Drunken, unruly or dangerous behavior will result in expulsion from the festival site.
• All weapons must be sheathed and secured. No black powder weapons are allowed to be fired.
• All live steel weapon demonstrations MUST be approved by Highland Renaissance Re-enactors Guild prior to the demonstration.
• Check in will be from 12 noon, Friday Aug. 11th, to 12 AM (midnight) Saturday, Aug. 12th. The check in will open again from 7:00 to 10:00 AM Saturday, Aug. 12th.
• There is NO driving on unspecified lawn areas, all loading and unloading must be done from specific loading/unloading areas. All vehicles MUST be off site (and remain off site) by 9:00 AM Saturday, Aug. 12th.
• All encampments and booths must be period (i.e. no modern materials such as plastic, aluminum, nylon etc.).
• All participates must be in period costumes.
• All encampments/booths must be completely raised by 10:00 AM Saturday and remain standing until 6 PM Sunday (You are responsible for cleaning up your encampment area at the close of the festival).
• All encampments and booths must be broken down by 11pm, Sunday, Aug 13th (prior to driving on the site for loading; Site sprinklers automatically turn on at midnight Sun.).
• All encampments and booths must be manned and all non-period items (i.e. ice chests, radios, etc.) must be covered or hidden from view during operating hours of the fair.
• All Guilds / Booths / Entertainers using open flame must be in ready possession of a Fire Extinguisher. All open fires must be contained in the appropriate "off the ground" container.
• Morning notes will be held both Saturday & Sunday at 9:30 AM. Morning notes must be attended by at least one representative of each Guild / Entertainer (Vendor / Clans welcome).
• All Entertainers / Guilds must adhere to the prearranged schedule of events, made known at Morning Notes, both days.
• All Vendors must carry their own insurance for fire, property damage and personal liability.
• All merchandise must be handmade or period in style or content.
• All music must be of a renaissance type. Entertainers are free to "pass the hat" and / or sell their CD’s or Tapes.
•All pets / animals must be properly leashed or appropriately confined.
• The pool (suits required) and showers will be open Saturday evening for Fair participants from the hours of 7:00 PM to 10 PM and showers open Saturday and Sunday morning from 6:30 to 8:30. All City Rules and Regulations regarding the pool & showers must be adhered to during this time.
• Non-historical weapons are NOT welcome. Please leave your Klingon battle-ax, Dragon-tooth daggers, flintlock pistols, and Highlander katanas... at home!
• A gated Actors camp, with Participant parking, will be available from Friday noon to Sunday the 13th, 11pm. A "quite time" of 10:30 will be enforced both Friday and Saturday night. Sunday night stay-over must be in the Buchanan Park parking lot, or off site altogether.

The participants shall indemnify, defend, and hold The City of Pittsburg and Highland Renaissance Re-enactors Guild, it’s officers, employees, and agents, harmless from any and all loss, damage, or injury, to any person or property taking part in Pittsburg’s Annual Scottish Renaissance Festival.
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