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Pittsburg Scottish Renaissance Festival was founded in 1995 by Highland Renaissance Productions (formerly Highland Renaissance Re-enactors Guild.
The Pittsburg Scottish Renaissance Festival is also sponsored by the City of Pittsburg's Department of Leisure Services. HRP has functioned as directors of this event since it's beginning. This annual event is a permanent fixture to Pittsburg's Summer Festival Series.
HRP focuses their attention to the pages of Scottish history and it is from there that they pull the theme of the festival.
Schedule of Events


Times and locations are for Saturday and Sunday

These times and shows are from last years festival. They are here to give you an idea of what goes on in a weekend at the Pittsburg Scottish Renaissance Festival, they will be changing as soon as a new schedule is made...

Time Location
10:00 Queen’s Court Queen’s Court
11:00 Main Stage Ottoman Dancers
11:00 On the Shire Royal Progress
11:00 Archery Range Archery Tournament
11:00 Children’s Glen Catapult Demo
11:30 Food Court Celtic Storytelling
11:30 Main Stage Golden Bough
11:30 On the Shire Highlander Progress
11:30 Archery Range Archery Tournament 1st flight
12:00 On the Shire Robin Hood Progress
12:00 Children’s Glen Folk Dancing
12:15 Food Court Celtic Storytelling
12:15 Main Stage Royal Dance Show
12:30 On the Shire Jester’s Parade
1:00 Main Stage Royal Baptism
1:00 Children’s Glen Catapult Demo
1:00 Archery Range Archery Tournament
1:30 Food Court Celtic Storytelling
1:30 Archery Range Archery Tournament 2nd flight
2:00 Main Stage Golden Bough
2:00 On the Shire Ambassador Progress
2:00 Queen’s Court Royal Feast
2:15 Food Court Celtic Storytelling
2:45 Main Stage Ottoman Dancers
3:00 Children’s Glen Catapult Demo
3:00 On the Shire Highlander Progress
3:00 Queen’s Court Children’s Court w/the Queen
3:00 Archery Range Grand Archery Tourny
4:00 Children’s Glen Battle Pageant
4:30 Food Court Celtic Storytelling
5:00 Archery Range Grand Archery Tourny
5:00 Children’s Glen Catapult Demo
5:00 Main Stage Golden Bough
6:00 On the Shire Queen’s progress
All Day Children’s Glen Pony Rides, Petting zoo, and other fun games
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