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We may more than likely have the same vendors this year, but keep checking to see who we get!
The Queens Favor
Gold River Costumes
Just Rewards
Basom & Co. (Tinkers Workshop)
Heritage Imports
D.H. Medieval Supply
Celtic Leather & Steel
Cottage Crafts & Costumes
Fine Egyptian Arts
Silver Wear
Whispers From the Past
Henna Designs
Clansman Knitwear
Delight's Fantasy Art
Fellowship Foundry
Snakepit Productions
Faire Creations
D&B Leather
Black Dragon Leather Craft
Celtic Rose
Treasures from the Cairn
Willow Jewelry
A Favor Bestowed
Bonne Diva
Milbrandt Saddle Co.
Juliary Homemade Jewelry
Lady Iron Creations
Mark Crafts and Collectibles
Crystal Parrot
Medieval Menagerie
Faerie Magick Creations
Age of Chivalry
Designs by Kate
Ghost in the Looking Glass
Tiendas Balloons
Puppet Dreams
John Brunet
House of Avalon
Ravenwood Leather
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